HF5 Patreon 2.0 (Rewards Revamp)

I’ve spent a lot of time reworking the reward system to allow supports to not only get something they feel will justify their financial support, but make them part of the HF5  community, and team.

Tier 01: Regular High-5

Tier one will now receive some form of behind the scenes (monthly) regardless of any releases during that period. Often times this will include some form of visual media, or audio clip (eg. track progress).

Tier 02: Double High-5

While still receiving the previous tier rewards, supports will also have access to the .WAV files on top of MP3s and be including in discussion on current and future projects.


Tier 03: Top Gun High-5

On top of the previous tiers, Top Gun supporters will also receive access to a private monthly remix (which may or may never be released) and a monthly voice chat on discord.

I hope this provides not only more reward for the support, but higher quality rewards for each level.

Also remember, you do not have to select a tier, and you can simply support HF5 a custom value without opting in for rewards (if this suits your comfort level).

That’s all for now, looking forward to any feedback via this post, discord or email!

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