New Website Launch (2019)

Many have asked me if I’d be adding direct purchase on the site, today is the day I proud to offer all of the HF5 Music online, direct from me to you.

While all (or most) of the HF5 catalog will be available on major platforms such as Google, iTunes and Tidal, my primary focus for non-streaming will be directly on this website.

Key Benefits

  • Full controls of pricing without paying out 3rd parties. This will also allow me to put more back in to HF5 music and other projects.
  • Offer additional creative packages such as digital artwork, optional file formats, and multiple released editions (eg. Standard + Deluxe).
  • Less technical issues when distributing to the major platforms. I won’t day ‘no issues’, as things happen, however I can prepare pages, audio files, and store options well in advance an automated launch.
  • Store expansion for both product types and features (physical sales, pre-orders etc.).

I look forward to expanding the site with additional music, features and seeing where things take us. If you have any questions or comments/feedback, feel free to contact me on this website or on social media.

Thanks, Rob