I had the unique opportunity to work on a project that was close to me in many aspects. Guitar Strings & Kidney Things is an event to raise money for The Kidney Foundation of Canada, and raised $13,000 in it’s first year.

I went to school with Dave Angus (the mind behind GS+KT), a man who needed a transplant over 20 years ago. Most people may not know someone with these circumstances, however I have another close friend who also had an transplant, who father was also able to share an importnat piece of himself to continue sharing the years following the surgery.

Since I also have a few of people in my life with extensive dialysis throughout the years, I was more than happy to lend a hand in working to evolve/grow GS+KT by helping with new branding and a website

On top of the above, I am happy to announce a 4 track, 30+ minute instrumental composition ‘An Unecpected’ under the title ‘New Oblivion’.

‘An Unexpected’ is an audible journey through difficult times, confusion, determination, fear, wonder and hope – available as a free digital download in MP3/WAV formats both as a 4-track set, and a continuous mix for all ticket holders. Details at the event

The event is this upcoming weekend (May 4, 2019) in Hamilton, ON and tickets can be purchased here.