Previously all music i’ve produced was under the name HF5, however the decision has been made to make HF5 a collective, an umbrella consisting of HF5, New Oblivion and Non Semper.

A majority of the releases will continue to be released on major digital platforms, and for free download on the HF5 Music website, with the same release list plus bonus materials being available to Patreon supports as well as anyone who previously purchased the ‘HF5 – Collection Vol.1’ on the HF5 official store recently taken down.

HF5 – Music will continue to be released under this title similar to recent releases such as U.M.S. and Human, however it currently on a hiatus which the next phase of the collective is finalized.

New Oblivion – Emotional, rollercoaster, instrumental and cinematical music produced with no limitations on the outcome, timestamps. Whatever happens, happens. The first release ‘An Unexpected’ has been completed to support Guitar Strings & Kidney Things fundraising event to support The Canadian Kidney Foundation. ‘An Unexpected’ is an audible journey through difficult times, confusion, determination, fear, wonder and hope.

Non Semper – Meaning ‘Never Always’, this project will have additional information released later this spring in the form of a more official announcement.